Red Barn

Red Barn Pasture

The Red Barn began life about 100 years ago, for use by cattle, and retains the feel of a working ranch barn. The barn and surrounding fields have been extensively renovated and remodeled over the last few years for use by horses. Up to 8 horses at the Red Barn use 12 pastures on a total of about 15 acres. Oracle Oak Arena is nearby. So is a round corral.

The following things are included in your rent at the Red Barn Pastures:

  • Hay is provided when needed.
  • In addition to the pastures, each horse also has a pen at the Red Barn. The pen is used when feeding is needed to eliminate competition for food, and to enforce portion control.
  • Paste wormer is provided, as needed, determined by fecal parasite counts.
  • Once a year a basic vet visit is provided where horses receive a mini-checkup and basic vaccinations. 4-way + rabies + West Nile. Questions for the vet are encouraged.

Red Barn Tack Room are available for $25 a month.

This barn has the advantage of being very convenient to the main road. There are a variety of trails leading from this barn, ranging from an easy 10 minute loop to challenging multi hour/mile rides.
Twining Pastures does not provide daily care. You must care for your own horse. Normally tenants work together as a Co-op to do daily checks on the horses and care for them.

Price: $225 per month per horse