Fox Hill

Fox Hill Pasture

Fox Hill pastures can only accommodate two horses. There are three pastures on a total of about 20 mostly wooded acres. This space is ideal for horses who do not do well in a big herd. It also has the most hills, giving horses a great opportunity to become more physically fit.

Fox Hill Pastures began life in the 1960s and remain pretty basic and rustic.

The following things are included in your rent at the Fox Hill Pastures:

  • Hay is provided when needed.
  • In addition to the pastures, there are pens for feeding. Pen help eliminate competition for food, and enforce portion control.
  • Paste wormer is provided, as needed, determined by fecal parasite counts.
  • Once a year a basic vet visit is provided where horses receive a mini-checkup and basic vaccinations. 4-way + rabies + West Nile. Questions for the vet are encouraged.

Fox Hill does not have locking tack rooms, but does have hay storage areas where tack can be kept. There is no additional charge for this.

Twining Pastures does not provide daily care. You must care for your own horse.

Price: $200 per month per horse